This is a Low

I admit it, I cried on Saturday. When I arrived at the plot I was met by a fleeing rabbit and I tried to follow its route of escape, but it was too quick for me. And by then the damage had already been done. Chicken wire and netting was no match for it and... Continue Reading →

Gifts and Helping Hands

We were lucky enough to have an extra pair of hands on the plot last Thursday when our friend Chris popped over for "a tour." The inverted commas are because we waited until we'd locked him into the allotment site before breaking the news that we actually meant manual labour. ┬áChris is an ex-florist and... Continue Reading →

A Declaration of War

I drew the line in the sand today - except I didn't because we don't have sand and the clay is so hard there's currently no drawing anything in it. What I actually did was yell, "JUST BUGGER OFF WILL YOU," across the abandoned plots beside us, and, because my inner charm was flowing, "OR... Continue Reading →

It’s a Nature Conspiracy

I arrived at the plot a few days ago to find another hole in the fence. Rob patched it today. I could've missed it on my original round of fence mending, but I highly suspect the rabbits are devious enough to wait until we leave before making a concerted effort to break in again. They're... Continue Reading →

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