[Review] Jardinopia’s Potty Feet

I’ve used those little rubber discs designed to raise plant pots above the ground and let water drain away for a very long time. I have to – I live on a boat and standing water causes paint damage and the boat to rust, but those discs are boring! So when I saw these Potty Feet I couldn’t help but buy them. 

They came well packaged; the box is made from recycled material and all the packaging, including the bubble wrap, can be disposed of in the recycling bin to save going to landfill. That’s a big tick in my book.

Not only that, but Jardinopia donate 5-10% of their profits to good causes. They’re only a small business, but they have a big sense of responsibility, and I’m definitely more likely to buy from a company I think shares my values for a sustainable and compassionate future. 

I chose the Aylesbury duck design in bronze since let’s face it, I’m ruled by ducks. They measure 9 cm x 7 cm x 8 cm. The website has a variety of different designs and sizes to choose from but I thought these would be perfect for a herb container I’ve recently planted for our back deck. 

The detail on each duck is amazing:

And I’m really pleased with how they look with my planter:

There’s a little block behind each figure to rest your pot on, and they come in a pack of three. They might not be suitable for rounded pots, but they work a treat with straight-edged ones.

Potty Feet are made from poly-resin and crushed stone which means they’ll survive our coldest winters. They’re also UVA resistant and painted with lead-free paint (more environmental plus points!). 

It might seem a bit premature to write a review since I haven’t tested to see whether these ducks actually are frost resistant, but I have a confession to make: these aren’t my first Potty Feet.

At the start of the year, whilst looking for something quirky to stand a pot of hyacinth bulbs on, I came across some hare Potty Feet whilst browsing on Amazon:

I can confirm that they do indeed survive frost. So far they’ve survived a winter on a boat with us dumping bags of coal and wood beside them, an engineer who accidentally sent pots tumbling (a blueberry bush met with the Thames), and they’ve also survived a duck stampede (our life is anything but ordinary). They’ve definitely passed our durability test.

My hares showing how messy life on the back deck can be: 

But the best thing is, a little wipe down with some water, and they look as good as new:

Would I recommend Potty Feet? Yes, I most certainly would. Not only do I smile every time I see them, but other people do too. Passers-by have even stopped to ask about them. My neighbour loves them so much that I’ve bought her a set for her birthday. Just don’t tell her, she has to wait until November to receive them.

Rating 5/5 

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7 thoughts on “[Review] Jardinopia’s Potty Feet

  1. I love the ducks and hares. So cute. nice that they are durable and out last the weather. Hope summer is behaving itself over there and give you lots of sun!! You can have some of ours!! Monsoon season is upon us and we are ready. XXkathy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have cooler than usual summer and I think I prefer it because I’m rubbish in the heat. I’m willing to look after the sun for you for a bit until you need to dry out all that monsoon rain! Xx


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