A Whole Plotta Love:

Rob and Valonia live with their cat Lolly on a widebeam narrowboat on the River Thames in Oxfordshire. They took on their plot in March 2017 after it had been abandoned for a number of years. The plot has a history of flooding, but they figured they were used to that sort of thing what with living on a boat. The allotment is primarily heavy clay and it is overrun with thistles, bindweed, nettles and rabbits. This blog will record Rob and Valonia’s adventures as they learn to grow their own produce and attempt to turn this land into something productive. Valonia hopes it will also be a tonic to her anxiety disorder, although she has discovered that being a newbie plot owner has its fair share of anxiety rich moments!


The Boater’s Garden:

The Boater’s Garden used to be a little oasis of calm on the banks of the Thames where boaters could stop for a lettuce or tomato or two, but the Thames is a wily old fellow and takes what he wants. Now the garden is private and Valonia mainly gardens in pots so she can move everything to higher ground before the Thames gets his watery fingers on them.

The old Boater’s Garden, and the flood that destroyed it (2007):

The Boater’s Garden (2018):