Florabest Multi-purpose Gardening Tools System

This was a gift and originates from Lidl where I think it was on offer for somewhere in the region of £15. I confess to not having high hopes for it. The pole handles are so lightweight I thought they’d break within a couple of days on our allotment. Credit where credit is due though, this little tool set seems to be cheap but mighty. It’s survived a good few weeks in the heavy clay conditions of our soil which has seen a trowel and spade bite the dust in the same period of time. I think I truly am a fan.


So, what’s it all about? Well, it’s a nifty little set with a stupidly long name: 6 piece multi-purpose system with interchangeable attachments. At least, I assume that’s it’s name. What you get is a small lightweight pole handle for close ground work, two longer lightweight poles that screw together to make a long handle, and four heads that click and screw into place.

The detachable heads are:

  • weed hoe for hoeing weeds
  • rake for, erm, raking
  • cultivator for cultivating… I really don’t need to write the descriptive uses do I?
  • double hoe…  For double hoeing (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

The cultivator made swift work breaking up the clay for our new vegetable bed and the double hoe has been a godsend for earthing up our potatoes.


This toolset has made quite a few jobs easier and quicker around the plot but it’s not all a bed or horticultural roses. There is one annoying issue for which I will be docking a point. The screw together handles, whilst excellent for ease of storage, have a habit of unscrewing themselves as I work. It does allow me to take a breather every few minutes to survey my work, but it does get a little frustrating after a while.

Would I buy this myself had it not been a gift? Yes, I would, and I would recommend it to others too.

Rating 4/5


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