2018 – Allotment Aspirations

Since we have only had our plot since March last year we are still trying to find our feet. Our philosophy in 2017 was 'try it and see', and this best sums up every decision we made, every plant planted, and every structure built. 2017 was about getting to know the plot (clayey, compacted and... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Well, Hello Sinkhole

We were very excited last year to be given a plot with a well, but since the gravel extraction work in the quarry behind us intensified we have watched the well dry up. I also noticed that something slimy and possibly alien had moved into the hole so, for the greater good of mankind, we... Continue Reading →

Falling into Autumn with a Bump

I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by the plot. I have no routine, I'm out of my depth, and I don't fully know how the year affects the site. With the turning of the season into autumn I was left floundering and wondering, "what do I do next?" Luckily for me, that question... Continue Reading →

It Has Been 6 Months

It has been 6 months since we took on the plot. It feels like we have made decent progress in this time, but there is still a long way to go. We are lucky that there are no hard rules imposed by the allotment association regarding weed control and levels of cultivation - we can... Continue Reading →

Food Charity

There's a few things I've learned about gardeners since we've had a plot. They're unbelievably generous with their time, knowledge, seeds, plants and produce, and they're not keen on waste of any kind. We've experienced this generosity ourselves as at least three of our beds are planted solely from gifts and surplus from other gardeners.... Continue Reading →

Starting the Flower Beds

This week I've been digging a new flowerbed. I've been dying to get started on the area around the hazel tree near our gate. This end of the allotment has been neglected since we took the plot on in March. The ground is heavy clay and tough to dig, although there's been plenty of thistle... Continue Reading →

This is a Low

I admit it, I cried on Saturday. When I arrived at the plot I was met by a fleeing rabbit and I tried to follow its route of escape, but it was too quick for me. And by then the damage had already been done. Chicken wire and netting was no match for it and... Continue Reading →

Gifts and Helping Hands

We were lucky enough to have an extra pair of hands on the plot last Thursday when our friend Chris popped over for "a tour." The inverted commas are because we waited until we'd locked him into the allotment site before breaking the news that we actually meant manual labour.  Chris is an ex-florist and... Continue Reading →

A Declaration of War

I drew the line in the sand today - except I didn't because we don't have sand and the clay is so hard there's currently no drawing anything in it. What I actually did was yell, "JUST BUGGER OFF WILL YOU," across the abandoned plots beside us, and, because my inner charm was flowing, "OR... Continue Reading →

It’s a Nature Conspiracy

I arrived at the plot a few days ago to find another hole in the fence. Rob patched it today. I could've missed it on my original round of fence mending, but I highly suspect the rabbits are devious enough to wait until we leave before making a concerted effort to break in again. They're... Continue Reading →

Freebies and Other News from the Plot

It's amazing how many people give you things they're getting rid of when they hear you have an allotment. Since my last update we've acquired a haul of items, some as gifts and some in exchange for good deeds. L gave us some onions and potatoes in return for sharing the Jerusalem artichokes, and we've... Continue Reading →

Spuds! And Other News from the Plot

We finally have our potatoes planted. Hurrah! I wish them well finding their way through the heavy clay as they grow. They'll also be fighting the dock and nettle but I like to think we've given them a little bit of a fighting chance. I planted two rows of Maris Peer and two of King Edward. We... Continue Reading →

Taking Shape

It's been three weeks since we started work on the plot, and dare I say it, it's beginning to look a little like an allotment. The Russian comfrey has bedded in nicely. And we've also started work on a third bed. Digging the path seemed an endless job and I ran out of weed suppressant... Continue Reading →

Dazed and Confused

That's certainly how we're feeling one week into allotment ownership, but we're starting to make some progress. I haven't drawn up a plan for the site yet because I wanted to get a feel for the plot first. I'm also slightly worried that we'll be intimidated by all the tasks to come if we see... Continue Reading →

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