Lesson Clearly Not Learned, and Other News from the Plot

In my last post I wrote about being negligent and accidentally cooking our tomato seedlings on the boat roof during the first sunny day of spring. Never again, I said, would I be such a terrible plant mother and allow such a thing to happen. Never again…


These are photos of my sweet peas the day after the hottest day of the year. Yes, that’s right, I killed plants on both the first sunny day of spring, and then also on the hottest day. I was determined to grow sweet peas this year because the rabbits ate them all last year. But no, I cooked them to a crisp in the cold frame because I’m a bad plant mother and didn’t get to them in time. I hang my head in shame. Gardening is an emotional rollercoaster and it’s difficult trying to keep something alive when everything else around it is trying to kill it…

So, I have learned: SUNSHINE KILLS.

Two brief sorties into spring weather and I coped with neither. I’m in no way prepared for summer.

To try and ease my broken sweet pea heart, I’ve sown some more – I’m now onto my third packet of seeds. I opted for ‘Matucana’ this time. Wish them luck, they’re going to need it.

In other news from the plot, we’ve finally finished the asparagus bed. Both the ‘Ariane’ and ‘Mondeo’ are growing surprisingly well.


It feels good to get this bed finished. It’s a promise to ourselves that we’re committed to the plot and intend to be here for the long term.


As anyone who lives in the UK will know, it’s mainly raining at the moment and it seemed such a waste not to collect as much rainwater as possible, so Rob has daisy-chained a bin onto the water butt. It’s only taken a few days to fill.


We’ve had our first harvest of the year: nettles! We didn’t even have to tend them (hence why they are doing so well).


So far we’ve made nettle pesto and nettle tea, and I’ve been eyeing up Agents of Field’s recipe for nettle houmous.


And, to end this post on a happier note than that in which it commenced; we finally have our own homemade compost!


It has resident ants, though, and I’m not entirely sure they’ll be pleased with eviction. So maybe a not so happy ending for them!


10 thoughts on “Lesson Clearly Not Learned, and Other News from the Plot

  1. Ooh, might have to get onto that nettle pesto! I feel your pain with the sweet peas. I decided to have a break from them this year. Why??!! Am missing them already.

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    1. Do try it, it really is delicious!
      What is it about sweet peas that draws us in? My plot neighbour kept me supplied with sweet pea flowers last year after my first failure with them, and it caused an almost physical yearning to grow some of my own.

      I guess there’s always plug plants when all else fails!!


  2. Your asparagus is doing really well. They obviously enjoy the hops. Such a pity you have to wait so long before your first harvest.
    Keep turning your compost every couple of weeks will disturb the ants and they may go elsewhere. We have ants in our composters. They don’t seem to do any damage, they help to break the compost down.
    Have you a recipe for nettle soup. Just the job in this cold spell we’re experiencing at the mo. I might beg some nettles the next time I’m over and try making some.
    All the hard work you’re doing will pay off in the end. I’m looking forward to seeing the end results.
    Mum xx

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    1. There’s so many ants this year! I’ll look out a nettle soup recipe for you. I’m sure we must have one somewhere. I guess any recipe with cabbage in it could be adapted too? I feel like we’re making progress with the plot now. The seedlings just have to survive long enough with me to be planted! 😂 Xx


  3. The asparagus looks great, I’m so sorry about the sweet peas! I started with plugs, grew last year (after they nearly died from the late frost and we’ll see if this year I keep them alive!


  4. I used to throw y sweet pea seeds into the wind, literally, just throw them over fresh dirt, water and wait, I never really tended to them, they like to be neglected. A little water and some sun and poof, you will have babies. Nettles look good. never thought of using them as pesto…yum…xxxkat

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