Riders on the Storm

Winter was tough on the plot and it’s only now, as spring unfurls, that we’re beginning to see what survived the storms and floods.

The snake’s head fritillaries have done remarkably well in the wildflower orchard:

The fruit trees are coming into leaf. No sign of blossom this year; hopefully next year will bring us our first fruits:

Pear ‘Doyenne du Comice’
Apple ‘Red Devil’
Cherry ‘Kordia’ farmed by ants

We lost the majority of our sweet rocket plants, but those that survived are starting to bud:

I relocated our ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ peony in January to keep her feet dry, and although this will probably stop her from flowering this year, it’s still good to see her reaching for the sky:

My pulmonarias are putting on a fine display. They clearly enjoyed the damp winter:

Trevi Fountain
Mrs Moon

I’m very pleased to see the grape hyacinths and bluebells. The grape hyacinths are just going over and are about to pass on the beauty baton to the bluebells:

And finally, we’ve been able to take our first ever rhubarb harvest! We don’t know the variety as it was rescued from somewhere by our neighbour Lynn. She has a knack of turning up with plants for us with uncertain origins so we have informally named it ‘Contraband’.

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