Hello Thames, and Other News from the Plot

It’s been pretty wet on the plot of late and I’m very behind on digging the beds as they’re too waterlogged to be worked. That’s nothing compared to the situation at home. Two days ago the river crept its way into my little garden and now it’s the playground of ducks.

This is, of course, to be expected as I live on the floodplain and the floodplain is doing its job. I’ve explained this to my onions, garlic, and apple tree, but I don’t think they’re very impressed. Luckily all my other plants are in pots and I was able to move these to higher ground whilst the water rose around me.

It’s been a beautiful day today so there’s been respite from the rain. And it gave me the opportunity to have a little detour through our neighbouring park on the way to the plot.

It was busy on site today. People are emerging from their winter domancy so we’ve all been catching up with each other whilst waiting for our plots to dry.

There has been some activity in our shed nesting box.


I think it’s a wren, but all was quiet today so I assume it didn’t cut the mustard and isn’t the nesting site of choice.

The highest and therefore driest part of our plot is the flower bed beside the gate. It’s mainly weeds here as the rabbits decimated everything else, but this afternoon I planted a peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’. We’ve unofficially named it Shelley’s Peony after our most wonderful friend who gifted it to us. Peony is supposed to be rabbit hardy, so I’m feeling hopeful once established it will still be alive for Shell to see it when she visits these shores again (unless she visits in winter when it’s hibernating).


Tomorrow’s plan is to finish weeding this bed whilst the vegetable beds continue to dry out.


10 thoughts on “Hello Thames, and Other News from the Plot

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of water. Have you flooded before? Does it make the soil more fertile? ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ is a wonderful peony. I am looking forward to meeting new bare-root peonies I have planted this winter. Love peonies.

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    1. We have flooded before. The last time was 2014 and the water was so deep I needed waders to reach dry land. The worst flooding we had lasted 3 months! It does make the soil more fertile – the garden used to be a successful potager, but a sudden and bad flood in 2007 destroyed it. I’ve planted mainly in pots since then to give me chance to rescue things, but I do miss that little garden.
      I’m new to peonies, but they look so beautiful that I couldn’t resist. Will you post photos a yours grow? Would love to share in that joy with you. 🙂


      1. Oh, sorry you lost that garden. That is sad. I will definitely post peony pics. Look forward to seeing yours too.


    1. We get used to it after a while. The river is better managed now so it floods less than it used to. I think having a workable bed on the allotment is helping me cope!


  2. Awww…I feel so special to be associated, even remotely, with Sarah Bernhardt AND to be “in” the allotment!!! And all plans are to visit during warmer, bloom-friendly weather next time, so I hope to see my namesake. I (like everyone else, I think) have had enough winter!
    Love the new website/blog setup…looks sharp! Great photos, as always…and love the recipe section XOXO

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    1. I’ll keep you updated with photos as she grows. The root stock was broken, but I’m hoping it won’t slow growth down by too much.
      Glad you like the blog setup. The product review section was added in October, the book reviews in January, and the recipe section in February. It feels like it is slowly evolving. I couldn’t figure out how to link the pages (product reviews/book reviews/recipes) to posts though, so I don’t think they’ve ever shown up in any readers and are only visible if you visit my blog site. Technology is confusing and generally escapes me! Xx


  3. Love the new web page. Love all the pictures. Hope your drying out, hot here. Putting Shelley on the plane that will take her back to Matthew and Oscar. I am sad, but happy she made it down here to see us and enjoy the desert. We are heading that way mid May so we will see them all soon. Sending you some spring wishes. Kat

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    1. Thank you, it’s a few months old now but slowly evolving. I have a secret book buying habit so I’m sure the book reviews section will one day dwarf all else!
      Sounds like you’ve all had a wonderful time, and I loved the videos and photos. Sending you all lots of hugs. Xx


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