Falling into Autumn with a Bump

I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by the plot. I have no routine, I’m out of my depth, and I don’t fully know how the year affects the site. With the turning of the season into autumn I was left floundering and wondering, “what do I do next?” Luckily for me, that question … More Falling into Autumn with a Bump


Taking Shape

It’s been three weeks since we started work on the plot, and dare I say it, it’s beginning to look a little like an allotment. The Russian comfrey has bedded in nicely. And we’ve also started work on a third bed. Digging the path seemed an endless job and I ran out of weed suppressant … More Taking Shape

Day Two

Day two of owning an allotment mainly consisted of bickering over what crop to grow first and how best to lay the bed we’re planning to dig. Constructive use of our time considering we actually spent the afternoon setting fire to a pile of weeds, rifling through the once-used compost heap, stabbing some bramble roots … More Day Two

Our Plot

Rob received notification that his name had come up for an allotment. We’d been dreaming about our own little piece of tilled earth for a long time. Time enough for dreams to get carried away and out of hand, and so contact from the local allotment association came when we had our imaginary allotment fully … More Our Plot