Outfoxed, or Should that be Out-Bunnied?

When I arrived at the plot today I noticed there was a little dip in the woodchip path near our gate. From certain angles, and if you squinted hard enough, you could picture a rabbit having made such a dent. But not on our plot because we’ve bunny proofed it.


I didn’t spend too much time dwelling on the imaginary rabbit because I had to save the wild garlic from the slugs. I used up all the coffee grounds and eggshells we had to create these slug barriers. It took a long time and a lot of egg eating to get enough shells for this [Family, if you’re reading this, I love you but when you visit you’ll be served eggs and coffee for every meal for the rest of your lives.]


After inspecting my handiwork Rob casually happened to mention that the chives at the back of the bed looked shorter than usual, and that their flower buds had disappeared.

Clever slugs, I thought, because it’s clearly slugs as the plot is rabbit proofed. I made sure of that. Plus, I Googled whether rabbits eat wild garlic and chives and apparently it can give them anaphylactic shock so I’m sure they wouldn’t be stupid enough to try.

And then I found this:

Yes, that’s a bunny sized hole in our fence

I wired it closed quick smart. Still, good job we found it now before the rabbits had been able to do too much damage. Guess I didn’t need to use up our coffee and eggshell supply after all.

Whilst at the plot I also checked on the artichokes to see whether they’d started to recover from the cold snap. Turns out there was no need to have worried about the frost damage either…


Because the rabbits ate it.

I’ve resorted to the beer bottle cloches to protect what’s left in case the rabbits get in again. I had to consult photos taken the other day to locate the position of some of the plants because they’d been nibbled all the way back to the soil and were impossible to find unaided.

I suspect the rabbits will fancy a game of skittles

Rob, in the meantime, did a spot of weeding and it strangely looks a little like it’s designed to torture someone.



4 thoughts on “Outfoxed, or Should that be Out-Bunnied?

  1. I’m all caught up on the allotment adventures. I realized I hadn’t yet told you, but I love the new format of the blog…and your writing makes me feel like I’ve been walking that hard-earned path and am looking into each bed and pallet with you. You’ve been busy these past couple days! I know you’d rather it wasn’t so but I relish the bunny & slug updates & outwitting. But the plot looks amazing…even under bunny attack. You two have done a lot of work and it shows! X


    1. I’m glad you like the format. Nature has outwitted us again, and my next post will hopefully be about it. Not as exciting (or as furry) as bunnies though. Xx


  2. If you have any c d’s or dvd’s that you no longer use you could try stringing them alongside your plants. It may deter the rabbits. Movement plus an image of themselves may be a deterrent. xx

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