Allotment Plans 2018

I started keeping an allotment journal after reading Richard Chivers’ post on the subject last year and it’s been an invaluable tool, so this year I’ve gone a step further and also made an allotment plan and spreadsheet. The plan and spreadsheet’s main purpose is to keep me on top of planting and sowing times, and … More Allotment Plans 2018

Oh, Deer!

Work on the living fence has been going well, and we’ve not seen any recent evidence of rabbits on the plot. However, when I arrived today two very cute muntjac deer bounded away down our snicket. I stood for a while and contemplated their beauty as they disappeared amongst the treeline. And then I checked … More Oh, Deer!

Shed Update, Cold Frame Construction, and Other News from the Plot

It’s been a busy week on the plot as shed work continues. I’ve painted the inside walls to protect the pallet wood. We’ve used four 5 litre cans of Cuprinol wood stain so far (in shade Silver Copse). Rob helped paint the ceiling as finishing it meant he could start laying the floor. I’ll need … More Shed Update, Cold Frame Construction, and Other News from the Plot

Food Charity

There’s a few things I’ve learned about gardeners since we’ve had a plot. They’re unbelievably generous with their time, knowledge, seeds, plants and produce, and they’re not keen on waste of any kind. We’ve experienced this generosity ourselves as at least three of our beds are planted solely from gifts and surplus from other gardeners. … More Food Charity

The Unnecessary-Necessary Compost Bin and Other News from the Plot

Everybody knows that you can’t have an allotment without a compost bin. An allotment without one is just a piece of land. It’s one of the most important items we need to make or buy for our site, at least that’s what I told Rob in the arguments I presented in favour of us getting … More The Unnecessary-Necessary Compost Bin and Other News from the Plot

Dazed and Confused

That’s certainly how we’re feeling one week into allotment ownership, but we’re starting to make some progress. I haven’t drawn up a plan for the site yet because I wanted to get a feel for the plot first. I’m also slightly worried that we’ll be intimidated by all the tasks to come if we see … More Dazed and Confused

Spot the Newbies

We didn’t plan to visit the allotment today, but during a break in the rain we decided to pop along and take some measurements so we can plan our beds. When we arrived we discovered our greenhouse on its roof, its legs akimbo. I guess ineffective greenhouse tying down is a typical rookie error and … More Spot the Newbies

Our Plot

Rob received notification that his name had come up for an allotment. We’d been dreaming about our own little piece of tilled earth for a long time. Time enough for dreams to get carried away and out of hand, and so contact from the local allotment association came when we had our imaginary allotment fully … More Our Plot