Oh, Deer!

Work on the living fence has been going well, and we’ve not seen any recent evidence of rabbits on the plot. However, when I arrived today two very cute muntjac deer bounded away down our snicket. I stood for a while and contemplated their beauty as they disappeared amongst the treeline. And then I checked our plot.

The other day I started digging the last of the Jerusalem artichokes, but paused when I hit a red ant nest to give the ants a chance to disperse. Stupidly, I left the artichokes already dug on the side of the plot, and when I arrived this afternoon they had gone.

And remember the herbs L give me two days ago?

They now look like this:

Right beside them was some little telltale footprints.

Blinkin’ deer! I don’t think they’re so cute anymore! We’re going to have to modify our fence that runs alongside the snicket. We’re considering adding a line or two of wire to give it extra height, but we’re also going to have to do something about the gate. I’m not sure what yet. It’s currently a pallet with hinges and I’m rather fond of it, but I think the deer can jump it.

I didn’t stop long at the plot today, but I did get a couple of jobs done. I’ve sown sweet peas (Best of British and Old Spice Mixed (grandiflora). The Old Spice had a sow by date of 2017, but I figured they’re not too far out and deserved a punt. It was nice to get the cold frame into service.

I also finished painting the shed floor.

We still need shelving and benches, but we’ll concentrate on guttering and getting a water butt connected first.


7 thoughts on “Oh, Deer!

    1. It’s definitely been a steep learning curve. I think between the rabbits and the deer we have lost 70% of what we planted last year! It currently feels like we’re losing the battle.


    1. I don’t think we’re allowed to lay solid footings, so we used paving slabs instead. Rob has extended our fences higher, and we’ve added some cow bells to try and scare the deer away! Xx


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