Spot the Newbies

We didn’t plan to visit the allotment today, but during a break in the rain we decided to pop along and take some measurements so we can plan our beds.20170303_143841

When we arrived we discovered our greenhouse on its roof, its legs akimbo. I guess ineffective greenhouse tying down is a typical rookie error and is akin to waving a newbie flag to announce our entrance into allotment life. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who giggled at the sight of it. We’ve tied it to the fence this time so hopefully it’ll survive the storm due tonight.

We also checked the well to see whether last night’s rainfall had affected it.


There’s noticeably more water.

Whilst on site we prodded at the raised and spongy walkways and under the moss we discovered carpet. We’ve decided to woodchip the paths so we’ll repurpose the carpet as weed suppressant on future beds until we’re ready to dig. We’ll ultimately get rid of it so it doesn’t break up and leave fibres in the soil. The carpet is in pretty good condition and I suspect the nature of our plot has preserved it, à la Tollund Man. Rob pulled a few pieces up to get an idea of the condition of the soil underneath.


It looks pretty good, and we also found the first critters we’re sharing the plot with.


We surprised these myrmica rubra, or common red ants (European fire ants) with the sudden flash of daylight and they flew into action to protect their eggs. There’s an element of guilt in forcing them to relocate from the pathway as the plot was theirs long before it was ours, and they have helpfully aerated the soil for us. I’m hoping they don’t choose to live in our planned potato bed. I don’t relish the idea of getting attacked by ants as we pick our first potato harvest.


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