Goodbye Well, Hello Sinkhole

We were very excited last year to be given a plot with a well, but since the gravel extraction work in the quarry behind us intensified we have watched the well dry up. I also noticed that something slimy and possibly alien had moved into the hole so, for the greater good of mankind, we … More Goodbye Well, Hello Sinkhole


Taking Shape

It’s been three weeks since we started work on the plot, and dare I say it, it’s beginning to look a little like an allotment. The Russian comfrey has bedded in nicely. And we’ve also started work on a third bed. Digging the path seemed an endless job and I ran out of weed suppressant … More Taking Shape

Spot the Newbies

We didn’t plan to visit the allotment today, but during a break in the rain we decided to pop along and take some measurements so we can plan our beds. When we arrived we discovered our greenhouse on its roof, its legs akimbo. I guess ineffective greenhouse tying down is a typical rookie error and … More Spot the Newbies