Goodbye Well, Hello Sinkhole

We were very excited last year to be given a plot with a well, but since the gravel extraction work in the quarry behind us intensified we have watched the well dry up. I also noticed that something slimy and possibly alien had moved into the hole so, for the greater good of mankind, we covered the well with a paving slab and pretended it did not exist. Thankfully, last month, Rob suggested we fill it in and repurpose the area*.

The previous plot custodians had dug the well by sinking a plastic barrel (minus base) into a pre-dug hole and backfilling around the barrel’s edges.

Initially Rob filled the hole leaving the barrel in situ, but we later decided** that it would be better for the environment to remove and dispose of it responsibly, so Rob returned to dig it out. That is when he discovered a little telltale hole at the outside rim of the barrel.


Further investigation showed that the hole was at least as deep as the well had been, and was possibly part of the original hole dug to construct it.

Rob pulled up the surrounding weed suppressant fabric and woodchip and started to investigate.

The hole measured 2ft in diameter and stretched underneath our path so it was a good job Rob found it before someone fell through – likely to have been me since I developed a new hobby last summer stamping and jumping on the ground in that area to scare the rabbits away.

Rob used 6 sacks of earth to fill the hole – soil and rubble removed when we originally dug paths and beds – and still it was not enough to fill it.


But, on the plus side, we think we might be able to turn what is left of the hole into a wildlife pond.



* The alien had probably already moved out.
** Via a circuitous route commonly referred to as “bickering”.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Well, Hello Sinkhole

    1. There are a few baths on other plots used to collect rain water and we’ve seen a number of ducks swimming around in these – it would be lovely to have some wild ducks visit us on our plot too! Xx


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