Our First Harvest, and Other News from the Plot

We have potatoes!

These are our second early Maris Peers. We waited a week or so after the flowers had faded before digging, and this just happened to coincide with family visiting so we had extra hands to rummage and join us in our first toast to the land.

And, for favourable future harvests, we buried a piece of Barry Wheatycorn, bread baked and saved from a previous gathering that marked the turn in season (our version of John Barleycorn).

The last time I updated the blog we were nine days without rabbit incursion. Well, my excitement was short lived and brought down by my own hubris – we had a little visitor on site when we arrived. Everyone helped corral it out. It’s a juvenile and so small enough to squeeze through a small gap in our gate. At least that’s where we think it got in.


Rob and I returned to the plot last night to dig a few more potatoes for our dinner, and it had returned. We’re not the only ones, it seems, who have been digging amongst the potatoes.


We evicted it again, but left the gate open as we finished collecting our potatoes. First lesson in the Battle Against The Rabbits: shut the damn gate.

It snuck back in.

We’ve barricade the gate closed now in the hope of keeping it out. At least it’s been pretty considerate so far and hasn’t caused too much damage.


3 thoughts on “Our First Harvest, and Other News from the Plot

  1. Loved listening to the birds sing you all a rabbit be gone song….LOL thanks for the video…Fresh spuds out of the ground…..so good….your plants look beautiful…..happy July to you all…….Kathy

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