It’s a Nature Conspiracy

I arrived at the plot a few days ago to find another hole in the fence. Rob patched it today. I could’ve missed it on my original round of fence mending, but I highly suspect the rabbits are devious enough to wait until we leave before making a concerted effort to break in again. They’re pretty canny and I’ve started eyeing them with an element of distrust. Rob noticed today that the tips of our onions have been nibbled. And if that isn’t enough, when I checked on the seedlings in the greenhouse tent I found this:


The wind over the last couple of days has buffeted the greenhouse and worked a pole loose, tipping the shelf and its contents onto the ground. Only one shelf, though, and that shelf just happened to be the one with the seedlings Mum planted on it.


We’ve lost cabbage, cauliflower, hollyhocks, delphiniums and calendula. I’ve decided that perhaps the tent greenhouse isn’t the best place to grow seedlings, so I’ve commandeered a kitchen worktop at home instead. Maybe when the main greenhouse is glazed I’ll grow seeds there, but until then I’m going to keep them at home.

At least at home I had a helping hand (or should that be paw?) to re-sow everything.


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